A Village where we stay close to nature. Where our  Scandinavian heritage reflects our everyday work.
We carefully choose our materials, with an honest  intention to create long lasting, valuable items with a function. 

This is our mission. 

This is our passion. 

Welcome home.

We continue to design and produce collections loyal to our Scandinavian heritage, never far from home. Our aim is to make both beautiful and functional products, designed for long-term use and enjoyment. Therefor we always strive to produce our products with concern for the environment. 

With the help from highly skilled professional partners we have designed a collection for spring 2018 that we’re all really proud of. With inspiration from natural materials, simplicity and our Nordic traditions we have had our main focus on the three materials – glass, cast iron and wood. All materials witha unique story worth telling. 

Welcome home, to our Village.


Staffan Holm is a Swedish designer, living in Gothenburg. After graduating from the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden, Holm founded his studio in 2008. Trained as a furniture carpenter, Staffan Holms approach is always very grounded in traditional craftsmanship but with a great curiousness towards developing high-tech manufacturing methods. Holms aim is to evoke feelings with the products he has designed and to get people to fall in love and to attach to them. 

For Village Staffan Holm has designed Vase Beatrice, Chimney, Sigurd and the Sara family. For autumn 2017 he has designed a bigger version of the Vase Beatrice, a new family member to Sara, Sigurd candle holder and Little Chimney. 


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